Imagine you are on holidays, using your laptop or hairdryer with your travel adapter and suddenly sparks begin to fly. In the best case, only your device is damaged: you buy a new one and that’s it. However, if you are unlucky, this can cause fires that destroy your personal belongings, your home or in the worst case even threaten the life of yourself and the people around you.


When used properly, such hazards do not happen with SKROSS® products. So better invest in a premium travel adapter from SKROSS®, which are one of the safest adapters on the market, than risking your neck with a low-quality, unsafe one.

At SKROSS®, safety is always at the centre of the entire development and production process. The standards, among others defined by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), form the foundation for the SKROSS® development team to design innovative gadgets that give you access to power anywhere in the world. Extensive quality controls accompany every production phase, with final certification processes documenting each product’s compliance with IEC standards. Furthermore, SKROSS® products are certified by either TÜV or Electrosuisse.

This is what makes SKROSS® adapters very safe:

  • Patented all-in-one country slider system

  • High quality material and housing

  • Childproof

  • Protection against electric shock

  • Integrated fuse against electrical overload

  • Certified USB ports


Unfortunately, many counterfeits are circulating on the market. At first sight, they often look similar to SKROSS® adapters. However, in many cases they are made of cheap materials and do not fulfil the important quality and safety requirements, this is why we recommend to not using counterfeits. If in doubt whether your adapter is a copy or not, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Key to the SKROSS product range is the patented function of the all-in-one country slider system. SKROSS also attaches great importance to the safety of its products.

The SKROSS range holds function and design patents in Europe, USA, Canada, Asia (China and Hong Kong) and Japan, and is by far superior to others on the market in terms of international safety standards, design features and performance.

Having even won court cases in China (click here for more info) ; we will vigorously defend those patents and do not flinch from pursuing distributors who offer counterfeit SKROSS® copies or patent infringing products.

Be considerate and don't infringe the SKROSS® Intellectual Properties.

Counterfeit products can be dangerous, please stop using them.

Any business looking to sell electrical goods must abide by the law and the regulations. Distributors must understand that they will face the full consequences if anyone is hurt because of faulty goods that they have supplied. This fine serves as a stark reminder that the consequences of ignoring the rules can be very costly.

SKROSS® IEC International Electrotechnical Commission
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