This outstanding compact and stylish world travel adapter measures only 5 x 5 cm, but packs a punch. It provides you peace of mind by allowing you to connect to power outlets anywhere in the world. This universal adapter is perfectly suited to all essential unearthed electrical devices like cameras, shavers and smartphone chargers.

And the best part: it's very budget friendly!

MUV Micro


Countries supported:

from > 220 countries to > 220 countries

Type: 2-pole, unearthed

Max. supported power: 625 W

Compatible countries input: 

USA, JPN, UK, AUS, CN, Euro (no Schuko)

Compatible countries output: 

CH, IT, BRA, USA, JPN, UK, AUS, CN, Europe

(Schuko & Euro), DK, IN, ISR

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Compatible round the globe

Travellers from all over the world can plug in their devices securely on all continents. With the country slider system developed by SKROSS®, users can simply slide out the required plug for their travel destination. The multinational socket layout on the input side allows travellers to use 2-pole plugs from just as many different countries.

How does the World Adapter MUV Micro work?

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