Pro Light USB - World

Our smallest, high-performance world travel adapter enables you to charge two USB devices while simultaneously using the adapter with an earthed or unearthed device. The top can be used separately in all countries with the Schuko standard. 

PRO Light USB - World


Countries supported:

from > 220 countries to > 200 countries

Type: 3-pole, earthed

Max. supported power: 1575 W

Compatible countries input: 

CH, IT, BRA, USA, JPN, UK, AUS, CN, Europe
(Schuko & Euro)

Compatible countries output: 

USA, UK, AUS, CN, Europe (Schuko)

USB Ports: 2

USB voltage: 5V / 2.4 A (Shared)

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Most compact genius for use on the go 

The unique, compact 3-pole adapter can be used in over 200 countries on all continents to connect tablets, shavers and laptops from all over the world.

Built-in dual USB port

Additionally, you can top up the battery on both your smartphone and your tablet at the same time.

This is made possible by a dual USB charger, which has been directly integrated into a SKROSS® 3-pole travel adapter for the first time. Therefore, the connection side of the adapter is left free during the charging process and can be used without restriction. The USB ports provide sufficient energy to charge two USB devices simultaneously, even if another device is connected via the adapter at the same time.

How does the World Adapter Pro Light USB - World work?

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