Pro Light - World

Our travel adapter PRO Light – World is a genius combination of convenient size and functionality, providing a variety of applications for earthed and unearthed devices. The top of the PRO Light – World can also be used separately as an adapter in all countries with the

Schuko standard.

PRO Light - World


Countries supported:

from > 220 countries to > 200 countries

Type: 3-pole, earthed

Max. supported power: 1575 W

Compatible countries input: 

CH, IT, BRA, USA, JPN, UK, AUS, CN, Europe
(Schuko & Euro)

Compatible countries output: 

USA, UK, AUS, CN, Europe (Schuko)

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Multitasking for your travel companions

Compact, universal genius for use on the go.

When travelling abroad, tablets, hairdryers and cameras often take a break themselves – unless the SKROSS® World Adapter PRO Light - World provides the necessary mains connection!

The unique, compact 3-pole adapter can be used in over 200 countries on all continents to connect 2- and 3-pole devices from all over the world.

SKROSS® keeps you connected at all times – whether in New York, Sydney or London.

How does the Pro Light - World work?

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